Best Humorous Blogs Online

No one can deny how life seems to be stressful these days. The pressures of daily hustle, the stress of dealing with lots of work and responsibilities, and everyday life’s burden can be suffocating. But despite all these complexities, you can save yourself through laughter. Laughter is said to be the best medicine, so it’s highly imperative to keep laughing and find opportunities to be happy no matter what the situation is. 

The good thing is that there are countless humorous contents online that you can take a look into. There are the best humorous blogs online that you can read and videos you can watch not just to have a good laugh but also to get some interesting insights and entertainment as well. The following are the best humorous blogs online that you definitely need to check out: 


This is a blog packed with funny memes. 9gag is a user-generated platform for individuals to share their funny content and GIFs. This best humorous blog online is an excellent source of fun. By merely exploring 9gag, you will find funny and awesome memes, GIFs, viral videos, breaking stories, hilarious pictures, and other silly content online. With this humorous blog, you will certainly roll on the floor while laughing so hard. 

Funny or Die

This is not your typical humorous blog online. This blog site is packed with videos and memes that are more twisted than other average humorous blogs online.  Funny or Die tends to cater to a unique demographic as compared to the majority of humor sites or blogs. Contents are open geared towards Generation Xers and older millennials instead of high school and college millennials and Generation Z viewers. This is one of the best humorous blogs online that works well in focusing on untapped demographic.  


This is also one of the best humorous adult blogs online and probably the oldest. Porn Inquirer Blog offers funny articles, naughty snapchats, porn website reviews, cam website reviews and anything else related to the adult industry. You may be looking for if you want to be entertained, to laugh, or simply waste your time. This blog is known for its focus on merely having fun. 


This offers the funniest stuff over the internet. Contrary to the name of this blog, the content isn’t really directed to college students.  Nevertheless, CollegeHumor is better suited for intellectual viewers. The jokes you can find in this humorous blog are more detailed, eventually building up to a funny punchline.  The things that make this one of the best humorous blogs online are the collages and videos. …