Sports are a crucial part of life. These include a wide array of games and competitive physical activitiesthrough organized and casual participation. Sports aim to use, improve and maintain physical skills and abilities while giving participants and spectators fun, entertainment, and enjoyment. If you love sports and wish to learn more about these, visiting and exploring the following top 10 sports blogs is a brilliant thing to do: 

  1. Yahoo! Sports

This sports blog covers fantasy leagues and top sports. The blog also includes opinion pieces, sports coverage, standings, scores, comprehensive news, predictions, and sports like soccer, hockey, football, and more. 

  1. The Athletic 

This offers subscriptions to in-depth sports features and news. The blog site offers podcasts to avid fans of sports. 

  1. Bleacher Report 

This covers highly viewed sports like MMA, football, basketball, and hockey. Video games and betting are also covered. 


In this sports blog, you can find in-depth reports and features on top sports like basketball and football and ways current events influence sports. 

  1. Deadspin 

This sports blog covers everything about retro video games and football and offers opinions and news about sports. 

  1. Sky Sports 

This blog features the latest news on sports and live sports TV. 

  1. ClutchPoints 

This sports blog features podcasts, editorials, and sports news covering major sports. 

  1. talkSport 

This sports blog provides the option to listen to sports commentators and watch events live. 

  1. TSN

You can find sports opinions, news, and even live scoreboards on this sports blog site. 


This is one of the leading sports blogs that cover a wide range of sports and teams. This also covers NBA, soccer, NFL, NHL, and more.