Specialized in information structure and media adequate presentation for an affordable and mature web presence with low noise ratio. Malfunctioning legacy Web Design is a lose-lose situation — a quotation that hits the nail on its head:
We all start with 100% accessibility, and then some of us take a lot of trouble to get much below that.
Source: Jukka K. Korpela, paraphrasing a Usenet article
Accessibility and compliance with international standards and industrial recommendations are no chargeable add-ons once you decide to spend money on a professional — short of Joe Web Designer’s multimedia marketroidagency next door advertising incompetence as creative freedom.


Web presence:

  • Page speed optimization & change of hosting for improved performance.
  • Restructuring your existing website by the means of fixing common semantic blunders, syntactic errors and performance hogs. Reduce your expenses with the benefit of increasing your audience.

User end power features:

  • Custom user style sheets can put things back into (your) perspective if unreadable yuppie website typography and the likes annoy you to no end.
A few independent resources instead of the usual marketing brochure twaddle about putting your business to the Web:
Buy standards compliant Websites
Part of the Conformance and Quality Assurance activity of the World Wide Web consortium (W3C).
Web Accessibility and Design for All
An unbiased rundown on what accessibility actually means by the Diffuse Project, which is funded under the European Commission’s Information Society Technologies programme.
The Top Ten New Mistakes of Web Design
Alert box article of usability advocate Jakob Nielsen.


Naturally the price tag of any product depends on the requirements that must be met, and the amount of necessary work attached to an individual project cannot be determined without an interview. In order to give you a very rough indication:
product prices starting at
simple homepage,
text and graphics delivered digitally
EUR 150,-
complete website,
five to ten pages and custom graphics
EUR 350,-
Auto instagram likes EUR 25,-
search engine optimization (done by an external company: https://www.seoadvantage.com.au/) EUR €3000,- +
Note that all price indications are minimum, not average. First interview free of charge, phone and/or travel expenses to the debit of the client. Domain registration and hosting are not included. All prices include free submission to CSS Design Awards, and your website will be automatically nominated. After that, it’s up to the public to decide how popular your design is.


Tag soup is a tech slang expression for the failure of HTML as a structural language and SGML application in the nineties, when poor specifications and bad software implementations bred an infinite parade of overpriced Instant Experts spinning the Frankensteinian Web that became the graveyard of the dot-com hype.
Tagsoup consultant is a humorous reference to both tag soup and the buzzword Internet Consultant.  Are you afraid? Don’t worry; read the FAQ🙂