Sites to Get You Through COVID-19Sites to Get You Through COVID-1 9

COVID-19 pandemic put people’s health at serious risk and the whole world in chaos. No one can deny how devastating the effects of this virus not just to health but also to people’s way of life, the economy, and more. The coronavirus pandemic is the biggest threat ever faced by humanity in present times. People try their best to protect themselves through social distancing and isolation. 

Just as fast as the COVID-19 virus spreads, sites to get you through COVID-19 have instantly emerged, providing the world with comprehensive information about the virus. The following are trusted sites to get you through COVID-19:

This is one of the most frequently visited sites for information about COVID-19. This provides more detailed information about active cases, recovered cases, and deaths. There are given blocks for closed cases and active cases. The site also includes a line graph showcasing the increase in total deaths and total cases. This website also works as a coronavirus tracker site providing in-depth details about symptoms, a period of incubations, number of deaths, mortality rate, and more. Moreover, provides extensive territory or wise country data regarding confirmed COVID-19 cases, recoveries, deaths, newly added patients, and many more.

This World Health Organization website is one of the most reliable and best sites to get you through COVID19. The site provides all information about Coronavirus as well as offers quick COVID-19 links. The site also provides health advice for the public, technical and country guidance, information on tests, treatment and vaccine, research and development, and situation updates.

This USA-based website holds information about plenty of things related to COVID-19 cases and the spread of such deadly viruses per zip code. This website gives Americans the opportunity to access recent updates on Coronavirus based on their locations. 

The information you can get from this website is very technical. Nevertheless, if you are an enthusiast or a scientist who desires to learn everything, this site to get you through COVID 19 can be your great source of information. Nextstrain is pulling data from laboratories worldwide that sequence the virus’ genome and then centralize the information all in one place for individuals to see. Aside from enthusiasts or scientists, people working in the health industry can also benefit from this website, considering the relevant insights it offers. 

COVID-19 is undeniably a threat to health, lifestyle, the economy, and society. But despite this, there are many ways to protect yourself. Your knowledge can also save you, so it pays to educate yourself and learn more about COVID-19. This is one of the best ways …