• [screen capture] Stichting Nederlands Jazz Archief The Dutch Jazz Archive documents Dutch jazz and jazz in the Netherlands.Language: Dutch
  • [screen capture]Peter Trukenbrod Peter Trukenbrod is a visual artist who uses accumulations of used objects to assemble new objects with entirely different semantics.Language: English
  • [screen capture] DownBeat Syndrome DownBeat Syndrome is the only elektro-acoustic modern chamber-funk formation in the Netherlands.Language: Dutch
  • [screen capture]Hot Club de Frank The HCdF is a longstanding jazz quintet from Amsterdam that performed all over Europe, e.g. on the North Sea Jazz Festival and the Montreux Jazz Festival.Language: Dutch, English
  • [screen capture]Buro Fludo Buro Fludo promotes the musical and journalistic activities of Frank Meester.Language: Dutch
  • [screen capture]Evert Hekkema Jazz artist Hekkema is a versatile trumpet and alto horn player from Amsterdam. He toured and recorded with Chet Baker, Doe Maar and many others.Language: Dutch, English